Oy! Restaurant was started in July of 2015 by Adam and Allie Jaffe. The restaurant orginated from a love they both had of Adam’s mothers over the top, delicious creations. Adam’s mother Sherry agreed to share her recipes and considerable abilities with the couple and Oy! was now more than idea, it was a restaurant in the making. After a lot of hard work Adam and Allie opened the doors in July and soon business was brisk. As the word spread and the restaurant grew Allie realized their family would growing soon too. After a serious conversation, the couple decided to put the restaurant on the market so Aliie could focus full time on being a mother.
In February of 2016, Mary Cahill and Kevin Lambert sat down with Adam and after some serious consideration, Mary and Kevin decided to move forward and purchase the restaurant. Mary and Kevin believed they could take what was a great idea and fledgling concept, combine it with their 35 years of knowledge in the restaurant industry and create something even better.
With high hopes and anticipation, Mary and Kevin purchased Oy and took over operations in April of 2016. Mary and Kevin wanted to take the idea of Overindulgent Yumminess one step further. The partners added more options including an expanded lunch menu and additional portion sizes for those who didn’t want to be quite so overindulgent! With a few twists and turns and a couple bumps the restaurant is beginning to become what they had envisioned. Great food, priced right and amazing service.